Thursday, 11 October 2012

High Elf Lothern Sea Guard- First Ever Paint!

I've been wanting to get into painting Warhammer and Miniatures for a while but never knew where to start. I know there is a massive culture behind both of these war games and really wanted to become part of that culture and society (hence, why I started this blog!) So the other day I took myself down to my local Games Workshop and bought a Warhammer starter kit. This kit is of the High Elf Lothern Sea Guard and it came with eight different paints and only cost about £22.00!

Please remember that this is my first effort in painting Warhammer and Miniatures. I know there is some amazing artist out there but at the moment I am not one of them! But I am pleased with how they came out. Here's how I painted them...

Firstly, I painted on the base coat in 'Imperial Primer' and here's how they looked...

Secondly, I started to apply 'Ironbreaker' to the armour, helmets, boots and chainmail.

Then I painted the shields, sleeves and other clothing in 'Ulthuan Grey'.

After painting the clothing 'Ulthuan Grey', I went and painted the strips in the banners, the gloves and the sash over the shoulders 'Caledor Sky'.

Then I went and painted the dragon on the shield, the jewels in the helmets and the highlights around the bottom of the chainmail in 'Mephiston Red'.

And finally I used 'Kabalite Green' on the bottom of the shields and on the remaining flag poles and insignia. Filled in the faces, hair and leather bags with 'Cadian Fleshtone'. And then washed over the hair, helmets, boots and spear tips in 'Nuln Oil' to give the Guards a weathered and worn look.

Then for a little bit extra I painted a back drop for my figures (again, please remember that I'm new to painting lol!)

I hope you all enjoyed my first shot at painting Warhammer. If you have any painting tricks or tips then please let me know about them in the comments below!


  1. Gotta say I'm mighty impressed as these are your first figures!! keep up the great work!!!

    1. Cheers Ray! Yeah I'm really pleased with them and they were alot of fun to paint! I just can't wait to get my next batch to paint!

  2. You did great with so few colours and no experience at all in painting ! Keep it on :)